• Cessna Citation Ultra
  • Cessna Citation Ultra
  • Cessna Citation Ultra


The Cessna Citation Ultra is the ideal aircraft for short hops, such as Auckland – Christchurch or Queenstown – Auckland. However, with a range of 1,450 nautical miles, this light jet can travel longer distances, such as Auckland – Sydney or Auckland – Fiji without stopping to refuel. Perfectly suited for flexible travel throughout New Zealand, the Australian East Coast, and Cook Islands. The Ultra has storage space for twenty-six cubic feet of baggage, or about 270Kgs worth of golf bags, suitcases, or whatever else you need to bring along. Arguably one of the best points about the Ultra is its short takeoff distance. It can complete a takeoff in just 980 meters when loaded to its maximum takeoff weight, which means there aren’t many airfields it can’t operate from.  Not only is the Ultra quick on takeoff, but it is fast in the climb to its cruise altitude, making for smoother flying conditions. For a rapidly deployable and very flexible aircraft, the Ultra lives up to its name.


Crew 2 Pilots
Passengers 7-8
Toilet Yes
Engine (2) Twin Jet
Cruise Speed 426 knots
Maximum Altitude 45,000 feet
Maximum Range 1450 NM / 2680 KM
Pets By Arrangement


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