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Pets fly in cabin too!

Because at Djets, we know your pets are part of the family and that “in cabin” pet flights are proving to be the safest, most stress free way to move your beloved animals by air.

Cats and dogs are the most carried pets by our clients and one of the major benefits of travelling by private plane is that the flight is tailored to you and your pets needs. If you are moving within your country or heading overseas, we will get your pet family to wherever you need to go, in the safest and quickest way possible.

We take this journey together and we are confident you will love our friendly and stress free approach to helping you move your precious pets. Where possible we organise direct routing for your pet charter. This minimises the potential for any complications. Our service offers a temperature controlled, pressurised cabin and depending on the aircraft, the cabin is usually very quiet. You and your pets will enjoy a first class service on our pet flights.

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Can my pet be in the main cabin with me2023-05-04T01:30:07+00:00

Yes they can, they do not need to go on the cargo section of the aircraft like commercial flights.

Do you allow Brachycephalic breeds to travel2023-05-04T01:39:32+00:00

We allow brachycephalic breeds to travel, like all international transfers they will need to be properly vet checked and signed off.

Do I need an IATA approved crate for a charter flight2023-05-03T12:15:59+00:00

You don’t for domestic travel however for international travel there are certain restrictions around this.

Can my pet travel unaccompanied2023-05-03T12:16:44+00:00

Pets can travel without their owners, although most of our pet loving owners want to travel with their pet. Pet minders can be arranged.

Can we pet pool2023-05-03T12:17:14+00:00

Absolutely – pet owners will often find other owners with who’m they can share the cost of chartering the aircraft.

How often are pet flights operated2023-05-03T12:17:41+00:00

Pet flights are charter flights so they operate on demand. To help share costs, you are welcome to organise other pets to travel on your charter.

What do we do at check in time2023-05-03T12:18:12+00:00

Prior to boarding your pet should have limited food and water and should go to the bathroom. A safety harness or pet carrier is advised for complete safety during take-off and landing, although the pet can also be restrained by the use of the seatbelt. Toys from home, training pads and a clean blanket are a must.



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